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We have the distinct privilege to be able to speak with the man behind Star Trek: Axanar, Alec Peters. We'll talk about the build up to filming for the main film coming later in 2014, and the current filming of the teaser film, Prelude to Axanar. Be sure to check out in this episode of 3x2!
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Coming Up on 3x2!

We welcome our newest member of the 3x2 cast, Alex Napier, to the show to talk about one of his favourite subjects, Star Wars! We talk prequels, original trilogy, and the announced Episode VII! Be sure to check it out!
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Prelude to Axanar Filming has Begun!

UPDATE 5/5/14: Filming of Prelude to Axanar is under way! Filming started on Star Wars Day (May the Fourth!) and we'll be talking to Executive Producer and co-star of the film, Alec Peters in the next episode of 3x2!
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Gary Graham Interview!

We had the amazing privilege of interviewing Sci-Fi veteran, Gary Graham, in preparation for the Prelude to Axanar Kickstarter launch. We talk Star Trek, Alien Nation, and even get in a crack about Robot Jox! Be sure to check out the episode airing now by clicking the Read More button!
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We're Baaaaaaaack!

That's right, boys and girls, we're back and this time we mean business. The old, crass, 3x2 podcast has been retired to the annuls to time. Well, we're still pretty crude, but the podcast... well never mind. You guys get it, right?
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Latest News

May 21, 20143 months ago

First Image and Video From Star Wars: Episode 7 Released

So the first image and video from episode 7 have been released in an effort to spread the word for a charity. You can view more about it here.  The video is mainly of J.J. talking about the charity but they do provide a snippet of one of the sets in Abu Dhabi with an added bonus that I won’t spoil :). However, I will provide one word “Animatronics”.

May 19, 20143 months ago

Guardians of the Galaxy: New Official Trailer

Let me ask you a quick question. Do you like crazy raccoon’s that are master tacticians, fearless, loyal, and insightful? How about an 8 foot tall extraterrestrial plant monster that can absorb wood to feed, rebuild himself, and to enhance his strength?

Is that not doing enough for you?? Well how about a human rogue that has…. well I’ll let the trailer do most of the talkin! These are just a few members of the space faring superhero team that plans to annihilate the box office on August 1st. 

May 17, 20143 months ago

The New Official Trailer for Interstellar


So Warner Bro’s have officially released the first full trailer for “Interstellar” mainly based on the scientific theories and script treatment of renowned theoretical physicist, Kip Thorne. You can view more about the upcoming flik here. I can assure you that if you love space, sci-fi, and great acting you will definitely love this movie. It looks amazing!!

May 15, 20143 months ago

The Flash Extended Trailer!


I hope you guys & gals are ready for the new hit TV Series “The Flash”. CW said it would feature two shows this fall based around “The Flash” and “The Green Arrow”. The Flash is set to feature on Tuesdays @ 8 PM and The Green Arrow on Wednesdays @ 8 PM. I have provided the new extended trailer above that you’re going to love!


  I Dig! Be back in a– Flash!

   -Bartholomew Henry “Barry” Allen


May 12, 20143 months ago

Taking a Needed Break, Again!

Hey 3x2vians!

We just wanted to drop a note to say that the show is taking another break this week.  Lars has been celebrating too much after graduating from Full Sail University, and his little one has been keeping Lars and his wife perpetually exhausted and punch drunk.  So, we’re coming back with a new episode on 5/19/14!



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